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FREE Yoga: new community classes!

We're pleased to announce the latest addition to our Yoga Sangha schedule: community classes! These classes, taught by visiting teachers, teachers-in-training, newly-certified teachers, or one of our own teachers, are completely free and open to everyone. We hope these classes will help introduce new students to our studio and the excellent yoga teachers we've invited to teach with us.

Our next community classes:

January 26 at 6pm with Tobie Whitman

January 27 at 1pm with Isabella Peraertz

February 2 at 6pm with Emily Friedman

February 3 at 1pm with Bridget Kelley

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Due to unexpected circumstances, Emily, an instructor at Yoga Sangha, will be temporarily leaving the studio. She'll be back soon, but until then her Saturday and Thursday classes will be cancelled.


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